Makeup Artistry was my first love until I had kids and a husband, They drive me crazy but coffee helps me get through my day. Oh I forgot about food! still not sure if that comes before or after my kids but one thing I do know, I love it too much to give it up. So I give myself "balance" and go to the gym daily so I don't feel bad about eating that entire medium pizza (organic of course lol).

DIY for everything I do realizing later that 50% of the time it cost me more time and money than purchasing it. Maybe its a control thing, may be a creative thing, maybe a mom power "I can do it all" thing, I'm not sure yet, still trying to figure that one out.

Proud wife of the #1 Real Estate Agent in Orange County CA ( well his team is really # 3 but #1 in my heart and he got there in 2 years) so... I'm just saying in a year he will be #1.

Owning Real Estate and having to personally renovate homes and office spaces had me finding a new passion in life... home design, which in the last 2 years has some how joined my job title.

Advocator of  "Do what you LOVE, LOVE what you do!"                                      You have to know you can enjoy a career in something you love! I'm living proof.

"I can do all this through him who gives me strength."                                                      -Philippians 4:13

Also an Advocator of "LOVE" fight for your family. My husband and I will soon be celebrating 13 years together, it wasn't an easy ride but very much worth it! All our breakdowns (oh and let me tell you there have been many) have created our biggest break throughs. 


Last but not least, if I can get through the day without yelling "PUT YOUR SHOES ON" or "WHY AREN'T YOUR SHOES ON YET" more than 3 times. I would call it a great day! 

looking forward to sharing life with you all! 


Alana Dawn