Shabu Shabu at Home


At Home Shabu Shabu, If you follow me, you know this is a staple in our home weekly. I definitely think anyone that loves to eat Shabu Shabu should try this at home. Its 1/4 of the price as if you went to the restaurant and it’s just as good.

So I have a pot that I purchased from the asian market next to my house but it was $100 and it wasn’t exactly a shabby pot, I found this one on amazon, its cheaper, has great reviews, and this one is actually a shabby pot.


For the veggies, at the restaurant we go to , it serves enoki mushrooms, spinach, napa cabbage, tofu and your choice of protein.

This is what I like to use for my veggies:


Napa Cabbage


Enoki Mushrooms

Bok Choy




Udon and Ramen Noodles


1.5lbs Shabu meat

1 package of salmon

1 package of tofu

Get your Shabu meat from your local asian market, the markets I go to normally have thin shabu meat already cut. I get the the prime meat, trust me there is a difference, if you are trying to save on a couple dollars you will notice the meat is a little tougher, for a family of 5 (3 adults and 2 kids) I get about 1.5 lbs of meat, and also I get 1 package of sushi grade salmon. At times I also get tofu :)


For your sides:

Green onions


Sesame oil

Chili oil

Soy Sauce



Roasted Sesame dressing

Ponzu Sauce

Hope I was able to break this down easy enough for you to have your own shabu night with your family.

-Alana Dawn

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