If you guys followed along, you know I made a donut wall for my husbands birthday party. I searched through pinterest to get some ideas and to figure out the easiest way to get it done since I decided to start planning everything for his birthday 5 days before the party, I do very well under pressure. Anyway… here is how I ended up making it, spent about 2 hours talking to a guy at home depot to figure out the best most inexpensive way.


What you need:

8x4 peg board $18

50-100 Peg board hooks $13-15

4 long pieces of wood 1” x 2” x 8ft long. ($1.50)

16 screws ( i used ones I had at home, you can get a pack for $3, also make sure they aren’t longer then the wood.


Letter Board ($12 hobby lobby or amazon)

Flowers and Greenery $5

Left over gold banner (dollar section at target)


First I cut the peg board to be 6 feet long

I also cut the long piece of wood to 6 ft to secure the back of the peg board.

Since I want the dessert table to be outside, I need to hang this donut wall from our tree. You will realize real quick that the peg board is super floppy and needs to be secured so I took the 4 long pieces of wood and screwed them across the back of the peg board. Just as pictured below.


What took me forever was figuring out the placement of the hooks for the donuts and what decor I wanted to put in the middle. At first I just wanted to get the #37 foil balloons but then did not want to drive to the store for them haha so at the very last minute I decided to use the letter board I had up in my kitchen and write out

“Happy Thirty Seventh Birthday”

Also I would say to just play around with the hooks and figure out what looks best for you. I had 48 hooks, it took me about 30 minutes of rearranging till i was happy with the look. I wanted the rows to be even on each side.

Then I ordered 6 dozen donuts, but after using all the hooks I realized i didn’t have enough donuts for the actual table, so I bought 2 dozen more the morning of so I could place them on the table around the cake.


I finished off the donut wall and table with some green leaves, and babies breath and an old banner I had in my craft room. Honestly loved the final look of it. Since I throw so many parties, I am keeping the wall to use for future events.


Thank you for following along.

See you in the next post!


Alana Dawn

P.S. with all the left over material from this project I made this grocery list/ note board for my kitchen.