Easy Cute Birthday Backdrop

Birthday Photo Backdrop

You guys already know that I am extra extra when it comes to Birthdays and Holidays. As a child I always loved art and crafting, so when Birthdays and Holidays come up it give me an excuse to do some crafty projects. So here is an easy inexpensive way of making someone feel special the morning of their birthday, or you can use this as a photo backdrop for an actual birthday party.


So there were only a couple things I used to complete this cute set up. One thing that you may or may not know of me, is that I keep little streamers, banner & decor in my craft room so I have options to use in the upcoming parties that I will host all year round, with 4 children and the holidays I feel like Im throwing a party every other week lol. Anyway, you are going to want to print some photos, pick special photos that will spark a memory. I streamed a micro led light string across the ceiling and let the bottom hang down, creating almost a shape of an open triangle. The micro LED string light I have came with mini clips, but you can purchase some at your local dollar tree. Then I reused a gold banner that I had (originally purchased in the target dollar section) to create layers on my background. Then I surrounded the area with white star balloons I got at the dollar tree.


What you need:

Micro LED warm String Lights:

Depending on how you want to string the lights you can purchase these that I linked below. These are much cheaper that mine and it also comes with 5 more, so you can add more pics or use them for other projects.

MINI CRAFT CLOTHES PIN- to hang the photos.

Gold Triangle Garland

-I used this to create a cute layer around the photos.

Foil Star Balloon - I bought mine from Dollar Tree but you know amazon is so much easier I linked it for you guys anyway.

There you have it, an easy photo backdrop for any event.

Hope you loved this idea.



Alana Dawn