DIY Painted Patio / Cabana Facelift


I have been wanting to give this piece an facelift for such a long time. When we first purchased this home, this entire area was closed off with old termite wood and dried up vines, Im sure it was beautiful back in the 60s but it was too closed off. I tore everything down, at the time we had so many projects going on that opening up this space was good enough. (look below for the before the before photo lol)

The photo below this, is the how our backyard looked when we first purchased this home. Everything was tan and peach. First thing I did was open up this house, I took down the chain linked fence, and all unnecessary thing blocking the view of the entire back yard. That included everything right here in this photo.


I know it isn’t the same angle but now you can see how open it is. I could not take a photo straight on before because of how much was in the way. Like I said, we had so much going on that I just wanted the exterior paint done and everything cleared out. Which left everything looking clean, but so black. Every since we go the house painted (now a year ago) I wanted to created this space. First I had to talk my husband into thinking it was okay to paint the door pink. At times he has an opinion until he sees the finished product then he will try to take credit for the whole thing haha. I love him!


But how beautiful does it look now?Seriously I cannot get over it and wished I did it sooner. haha


  1. Concrete Stain ( it goes on like paint, but lasts a lot longer and I was told that you don’t have to seal it.) I got one gallon in white and one in black.

  2. Blue Painters Tape (1 inch) I used one for this whole project but definitely should have gotten 2.

  3. Disposable Paint brush

  4. Disposable Paint Tray

  5. Paint Roller

  6. High Density Insert for roller


1st step was to paint the entire area white. This is where I used the disposable tray, and a paint roller. I let that dry and set for 24 hours.

2nd step is to create your pattern. I knew that I wanted the pattern to be black and white, I also knew that I didn’t want it to be black and white checkered. So instead I decided to do black and white triangles, half of the squares that I was creating. After taping it all off, I started by painting every other row. The reason why I did this is because you have to remove the tape, in order for the other rows points to touch. You will see what I mean in the next couple steps. Paint the black on using the disposable paint brush)



The paint bleeding through the tape is going to happen, but there are a few things you can do to help the process. This one I learned from Keven’s Step dad aka Grandpa James, he has been a professional painter for many years now. You get a rag, damp ( but only slightly if there is too much water the tape will come up) and you run it across the top of the tape pushing it, and securing it into place. Next you put very little paint on the brush, you want to paint the middle of the pattern first, when you notice the paint brush drying up, that is when you want to paint the edges, this will reduces the amount of paint that will bleed through. You will have to paint 2-3 coats but trust me it is worth it.

Also I had to add this in, because baby Seven is just way too adorable and she sat with me this entire project. My perfect little angel.


This is what I was talking about. You have to remove all the tape and then tape off triangles in the rows that were left white so the points can touch and make a complete pattern. Then follow the steps to paint the triangles.


Also If you do mess up, or your paint bleeds through the tape, you can use an angles paint brush just like this. This comes easy to me since I am so used to creating winged eye liner. haha

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 2.41.52 PM.png

Dress Up your newly painted concrete and door with a beautiful plant stand and plant, boom your entire look is complete and instagram worthy. JK but for real I hope you guys loved this project as much as I did.


Until Next Time…

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Alana Dawn

alana dawn