Spring Cleaning Kids Edition


Yesterday I woke up ON a mission, if you guys follow me on the Gram you know how many times I’ve organized my daughters room, TOO MANY TIMES lol. Granted this is after a weekend of DIYs and a slumber party but still this room was an explosion. I knew that the only way to keep this room organized is to spring clean it and get rid of everything that is just taking up space. So here is a break down of how I got rid of things with a little girl who wants to Hold on to everything!


First I have to say that my daughter see everything as ART ( I wonder who she gets that from lol) everything that can be recycled into creating something new she will keep it ALL! For instance everytime we get an Amazon package she beg to keep the cardboard so she can cut it up and create something for herself. For example these are just 2 proust I have. One a maze that you have to get the marble to home base, and 2. an Ice Cream truck. So because she is always doing art project I see up an art station in her room, but with the art station comes A LOT of mess. She is Seven so when its time to “clean up” its shoving things in places to make the room look clean. lol


This took me 7 hours because we went through everything and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! we dumped every purse and backpack she had, every drawer, and every bin of toys and crafts, also cleaned out her entire closet and got rid of everything that did not fit her.


-Pull everything out and put into a pile, This seems overwhelming in the beginning but it a lot easier to put things in the “give” or ‘throw” pile.

-Start in sections, I pulled everything out of the closest 1st and then I put everything back, then I went to the toy drawers, then Arts & Crafts section.

-Let your kids help so they feel rewarded, they will appreciate how clean their room is, and will want to keep it that way, at least for a little bit. Because everywhere has a place to go it is easier for her to clean up herself and put things away.

- Giving things away- This is extremely hard for my daughter because she gets so attached to everything, especially stuffed animals. We have this huge bin, I just tell her if the stuffed animals cannot fit in there then its time to get rid of some. I never tell her which ones she has to give away she makes the decision happily on her own, when she sees that the stuffed animals are no longer fitting it gives her time to process that its soon time to give a couple away. I also explain to her on Christmas and her birthday, If she wants to open up her new toys she has to get rid of some old ones to make room for them. We always donate our toys so she feels really happy to give them away.

-Catergorize-Also before putting everything away I categorize them so I know how much room I need to store everything.