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Valentines Day Unicorn Hot Chocolate Mason Jars

Valentines Day Unicorn Hot Chocolate Mason Jars


If there is anything I love it’s making home made gifts for friends, teachers and family.

#1 I think I just love to create things.

#2 I know I feel special when I receive a homemade item,

and I just like to give that feeling in return. :)

It’s funny beacause Azella (my daughter)  only likes to make people presents, I looked at her one day and thought... who does she get this from? Lol 


About a year ago we went to Creme and Sugar & had some unicorn hot chocolate, thats when Azella thought it would be a cool idea to make some Unicorn Hot Chocolate kits for her teachers. Here is how we made them. 



1. Pink or Clear Mason Jar

2. Strawberry Nesquick

3. White Chocolate Chips  

4. Marshmallows

5. Rainbow Chocolate

6. Twisted lollipops  

7. Glitter paper (I used pink & blue)  

8. Heart Hole Puncher

9. Eye Craft Stickers  

10. Ribbon I used pink, teal, light blue.

(I purchased everything from Daiso & Target. Go to Daiso 1st b/c everything is cheaper, & whatever you don’t find there get it at Target.)



Makes about 4 cups

1/2cup Nesquik 

4oz of white chocolate 

1/4 cup of Marshmallows 

colorful chocolate (I used this just for looks) 

optional: 4tbls of cane sugar 

 *add 4 cups of hot water or milk when ready to drink. 



1. For the Unicorns Face-

Stick the eyes on, right below the eyes draw 2 hearts with a sharpie for the Unicorns nostrils, punch out a heart using the glitter paper & the heart hole puncher, place it right below nostrils for its mouth using a hot glue gun. Then hot glue gun the lollipop above the eyes (cut off the stick). I also cut out tiny triangles & hot glued them on for her ears.


2. For the Maine & Tail

Fold a piece of glitter paper in half, make small slits into the paper, seperate the paper & glue to the top of the mason jar. Then for her bottom... cut a few pieces of ribbon ( I chose 3 colors) take a heart cut out and glue both to the back of the jar.  


There you have it, a fun craft you can do with your kids for Valentine’s Day,

and a fun gift someone would love to receive. 💜🦄

Hope you loved this! 


Love, Alana Dawn  

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