Newborn Favorites




Seven is now almost 7 weeks old, and she has been such an amazing addition to our family. Now that i’m getting use to being a mom to a newborn again I can share with you all my favorites. There are definitely so many new products out there since I had Azella, I went through several different products to find what worked best for Seven and I . So here are a few favorite things.

  1. The Nuna Stroller - The first time I used this carseat and stroller was to bring baby home, I expected her to cry on the way home because thats what my other 2 did but she didn’t. I think she was just so snug and comfortable that she was okay being in her carseat. The second time I had to use it, I was alone with Azella, it was pouring rain and it was Seven’s one week follow up. This is when I found how handy this stroller came to be. The stroller and carseat are so light and easy to use that I was able take seven out of the car, click her into the stroller and be up in the doctors office so quickly right after giving birth. I mean… maybe it was so quick b/c I was trying to run from the rain but it was pretty easy. I also keep her in the stroller in our house when I need to get chores done b/c she really doesn’t  mind it and is actually super comfortable. Actually got the bassinet coming just for this reason, I get to keep her next to me while she sleeps :)  .



2. Milk Snob Covers- Because I have 2 kids who are a bit older we are out and about everyday. Unfortunately when you have other kids there isn’t really any resting after you have a baby which means you are out of the house pretty soon after giving birth. Thanks to these covers I felt super comfortable leaving the house, keeping her covered up means keeping the germs far away from her, since I had Seven I have became a complete germaphobe haha. Oh it also helps with people wanting touch her, I remember when I was at a friends dinner a girl came up to us, I took Seven out for just a quick change and for some reason this lady thought it was okay to brush her finger across Sevens face saying she was super cute. I was trying to not be rude but I quickly put her back in her safety zone and wiped her face down. Love these covers even more b/c you can also use these covers to breast feed.


3. The Haakaa Pump- This is how I used my Haakaa pump, The 1st time I heard of this pump was from my Duola Cousin Micole. She insisted I needed this because when you are feeding the baby on one breast you leak on the other side. And instead of wasting that milk you place the pump on the opposite breast you are feeding on, it collects the milk for you, you wouldn’t believe how much milk comes out. There were times that I got almost 3 ounces of milk while the baby was feeding on the other side. I promise you, you will love this. Every ounce counts!!!


4. This baby loves to be swaddled up tight when she sleeps, I noticed the 1st time I swaddled her up in this blanket she slept like an angel lol. These blankets are super stretchy, long, and heavy which makes it super comfy for her to sleep. She sleeps for a good 4- 5 hours straight already in the middle of the night, Last night I put her to bed at 6:30pm she had 2 bottles after that, one at 12am (almost 6 hours later) and another at 6:30am she never even really woke up, but I know if she wasn’t wrapped up tight she would have woken up a few more times than that. My other 2 babies hated being wrapped so this is a new thing for me. They have different size blankets. I like the medium size the best.


5. Love To Dream Swaddle - I call this the starfish blanket, she also loves this swaddle blanket. Anything that keeps her arms from waking her up, helps her sleep really good, but this doesn’t keep her sleeping as long as the other one.


6. Automatic Rock N Soothe Sleeper- Her bedside sleeper, this is what baby Seven sleeps in right next to my bed. I love this thing because of the mesh sides. It also has an automatic rocker which I use if she is feeling a little fussy. The only thing I wish it would do is fold so I could take it with me easily. But other than that it works pretty well.


7. Moby Wrap

Ive used several wraps through out the years but I seem to always go back to this one during their newborn phase. This is the most comfortable for me and the baby. If you follow me, you know I am constantly doing projects around the house, or the office. The only way I can get this done when the. Any is up is to carry her around in a carrier. I usually carry her around so she can sleep, but sometimes she like to turn around and see what I’m doing.  


How cute is Seven smiling for the camera tho?!!! 😆😆😆😆 


8. Lollipop Video Camera-

Last but not least I’m loving this lollipop video camera. I have older kids who love to play outside, the monitor I was given for my baby shower only works 10feet from the camera so I knew I had to find another solution. This camera works great, it gives you stats on movement, when there is crying, or if they detect loud noise in the room. The connection also works great with Wifi from my phone so I can hang out with the older kids outside while the baby is sound asleep safe in her crib. Oh I also feel like I should mention this because sometimes I let things sit in the box for awhile b/c I don’t want to deal with the installation process. But this was super easy, I created an account on the app, turned on the camera and boom it was connected! 

Hope you loved my favorites this month. I’m sure I will have another set of favorites in the next 2 months so I will keep you updated!! ❤️❤️❤️ 


Love you guys!  

Alana Dawn