DIY Fairytale Unicorn Cake

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If you have been following me you know I love to create & love even more to save some money especially when you are spending so much already on the party itself. Most places that I called to get a cake made was a couple hundred dollars. Which to me felt like an extreme amount of money to spend on kids who wouldn’t appreciate the taste anyway. Right? lol

Anyway, What I have done a few times already is, I order a cake from Vons. The guy is actually a great baker & the cake taste pretty good. For Azella birthday I ordered a single layer chocolate cake, and frosted it with white buttercream. I asked him to just make it plain, no boarders and frost it naked. which gives me a blank canvas to create whatever I want.

Below are the items you will need to layer your cake with decorations to make it a cute fairytale Unicorn cake.

All in the cake probably cost me about $40. I buy flowers for the table anyway, so i used used a few of them for the cake. then I layered the tinsel and placed the Unicorn topper.

What you need…

  • Star Tinsel Garland

  • Unicorn Cake Topper

  • Carnation or Mini Roses or whatever flowers you choose

  • Green leaves & Branches or Lavender leaves, to give accent/ layers

  • White Naked single or Double Layer Cake


Above is a photo of how a bare naked cake would look. This is my cake I got for my baby shower, I didn’t take a picture of Azella’s cake before I decorated it, but it was exactly like this, only single layer. :)


Now all you have to do is layer the cake with flowers, leaves & branches then top it with the unicorn topper.


Decorate the rest of the table with more desserts and you have a pretty looking dessert table. <3

I hope you enjoyed this fun little tutorial for your next birthday party.

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