The Perfect Low Calorie Iced Coffee


My favorite Iced Coffee, a way to get the creme and

sweetness without a whole lot of extra calories. 


What you need:  

1.Vanilla Creamer (I use almond creamer but you can use whichever one you like)  

2.Cold Brew Coffee (I have to use this brand because it tastes really good! If you can get the vanilla kind, get that one) sold at Sprouts or Trader Joe's.  

3.Vanilla Creme Stevia Drops bought them from Sprouts they are so good! Get the extra sweetness without the sugar.  


Fill a cup up with ice, 1/4 cup of cold brewed coffee and double the amount of water or (vanilla almond milk) and about 3-5 drops of the vanilla creme stevia. DONE!